My Boss is a D**k

And yours is too

Keir Wotherspoon
2 min readSep 26, 2022


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My boss is a d**k. Even when I do good things, he’ll abruptly remind me of what I did wrong.

He’s always on my back…

I remember the time he worked me so hard I got burnout — I was ruined.

Emotionally exhausted…

I felt worthless…

And I become cynical about everything and everyone around me.

For over two years I worked for less than minimum wage and still, it wasn’t enough.

He continued to push and squeeze every last ounce of energy from my body.

Still, he’d tell me,

“suck it up buttercup, stop being a cry baby”

So I worked harder. I worked longer. I ruined my health and my family life just to keep this guy happy.

But the truth is, he wasn’t happy.

It didn’t matter how hard I worked, it was never enough. He could never see the potential I had to offer him, he never stopped to ask if I was ok.

If only he gave me a break.

If only he listened and allowed me time to breathe, recharge and re-energise.

If only he could see the mistakes I was making was necessary for me to learn and grow.

Instead, he made my life hell…

Instead, he’d wake me up through the night just to tell me I how disappointed he was in my work…

Instead, he’d call me worse than shit, tell me I’m a loser and crush my spirits.

I hope you agree this is no way to treat a human.

Yes, my boss is a d**k

And the chances are your boss is too.

Because my boss is me and your boss is you.

We treat ourselves like no human should be treated. We tell ourselves things that aren’t true. We never believe we’re good enough, pretty enough or rich enough to feel worthy or loved.

The truth is life is a gift and you, me and everyone else have undeniable value we can give to the world.

So stop being a d**k to yourself and change your boss before he/she ruins your life.

Thank you for reading : )

Keir Spoon

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